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Who is Ginger?

Good question!  My name is Ginger Johnson,  co-founder of the original vegan friendly nail polish line Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. 


I am extremely proud to introduce GINGER BEAUTY LAB.  My goal is to continue to offer style setters healthier options in beauty, starting with my first love, nail polish!  My mantra is love is life, life is beautiful, and health is wealth.  I aim to encourage women to study the products that we use daily that could impact our health.  I have done over a decade of research and work with ethical manufacturers to source my ingredients. With Ginger Beauty Inc, I openly share my knowledge and create products with both you and I mind.



The Back Story


In Spring of 2009 I had been working at MTV for a couple years when I got the idea to start a vegan friendly nail lacquer line.   I chose nail polish because as a sufferer of eczema, my hands became dry and sometimes scaly so nail polish was like makeup for my dry hands.  Even though my dermatologist told me in High School that I was likely allergic to some of the toxic ingredients in nail polish, I still wore it.  Hey, beauty is pain right?  At least that’s what I grew up hearing.


When I decided to start a nail polish line I knew that the formula had to be something that wouldn’t agitate my skin and would align with my vegan lifestyle. I did the research, had $3,000 saved, and hit the ground running.  I wanted a business partner, someone to help execute this big vision of a vegan friendly nail polish line.  I called on a friend named Liz and in 2010, Ginger + Liz Colour Collection was born, the first vegan friendly nail lacquer line on the market.  


Within 3 months we were in Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue and the press features followed.  Harper’s Bazaar was our first press mention, Marie Claire did a feature on us and after that, Essence, Black Enterprise, countless blogs, on-line features, an appearance in a long running BET Her commercial, an Inside Edition feature and so much more!  

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